Christmas in North Arlington

Christmas in North Arlington

What’s Happening Christmas Eve?

9:30am– Worship & Kids Church

10:45am– Small Groups for All Ages

5:00pm– Christmas Eve Candlelight (for the whole family)

What do I wear?

Our members and attendees tend to dress in anything from a suit and tie to shorts and a t-shirt. Whether suit or shorts, we want you to wear whatever you feel most comfortable wearing!

Where do I park?

There is clearly marked “GUEST” parking right next to the worship center (big building with blue roof), with signs that will lead you there from Barbados and Port Au Prince.

Where do I go?

Walk inside any of the main doors to the worship center (with the big blue roof), and there will be greeters to help you show where to go and answer any questions you might have. For the egg hunt, park anywhere you find a spot, and yet to the fenced-in park between LBC and Walgreen’s!

How long is each service?

Our Christmas Candlelight service will be about an hour in length. We’ll sing, watch a kids video, hear a short devotional, and sing via candlelight.

Where do my kids go?

In the morning, we have childcare for children 3 and under during the entire service. For 4 and up, we dismiss them to Kids Church before the sermon. For the candlelight that evening, all kids stay with their parents.