Why Lamar Baptist Church?
• Lamar is absolutely committed to the sufficiency of Scripture for doctrine, preaching and teaching, and life-change.
• Lamar is a growing church, and so will provide experience with issues related to a growing church.
• Lamar has a team atmosphere that is very healthy, and involves close relationships between pastors, staff and other church leaders.
• Lamar has a strong vision for training and equipping future pastors, missionaries, church planters, and church leaders.
• These internships are unpaid, but the experience gained in a growing church that really desires to see all its members grow in Christ, as well as the references potentially gained for future employment, will make this internship well worth the investment!

Tentative Plan
• Attend Monday morning Staff Meetings (flexible depending on class/work schedule).
• Biweekly 1-on-1 meeting with supervisor.
• Serve with chosen ministry area of focus each week.
• Read a chapter of assigned book to discuss in 1-on-1 meetings.
• A few other weekly tasks may be assigned.

• Lamar “Family” Meeting (for members, every other month).
• Monthly Project to be assigned (examples listed below).
• Monthly Internship Seminars: this is for students who may desire to be in vocational ministry of some sort in the future (and is open to non-interns).

Internship Seminar Examples
1. Introduction to Counselling
2. Introduction to Time Management
3. Introduction to Conflict Resolution
4. Introduction to Media Ministry
5. Leading Meetings
6. Introduction to Delegation & Empowering Others
7. Introduction to Assimilation
8. How to “Land” your first Vocational Ministry Position
9. Difficulty in Ministry, A Case Study: Church Split
10. Casting Vision: Long-Term planning and implementation
11. Introduction to Church Communication
12. Introduction to Area of Ministry: Students, Children, Pastoral, etc.

Projects (depending on ministry area):
• Leading a church toward a biblical model for church; Strategy for reaching biblical purposes
• How to function well in a church staff environment
• Read occasional books and articles as assigned by Staff
• Projects specifically for those called to be Pastor
• Assimilation: Moving attenders to members
• Weekly/Monthly/Yearly duties/activities as a Minister

For those desiring to be Lead/Teaching Pastors:
• Preaching preparation and planning; yearly plan
• Full Preaching plan for 1st year at 1st church; Full leadership plan for 1st year at a church
• Biblical Responsibilities for the Pastor
• Weekly duties/activities as a Pastor

Internship Requirements
• College-aged (or Masters-level student) preferred
• Length of internship will be determined for each intern
• Internship starting points are June, September, and January.

For more info, or to apply, email [email protected]