Small Groups

At Lamar Baptist Church we understand just how difficult it is to manage the Christian life amidst a myriad of heavy responsibilities. So, whether you are balancing the needs of small children, wrestling with a stressful job, or struggling financially to make ends meet, we want to walk alongside you through life. The best way to navigate through life’s challenges to is to grow closer to the Lord Jesus Christ!

Whether you are a new believer or a long time Christian, we have a Bible study group that will help you grow in your relationship with the Lord. God strengthens us as we study the Bible together and empowers us to live a victorious Christian life. Relationships matter. Consider jumping into a group on Sunday mornings, at 9:15am.

Young Adults

College and Young Career (18-29): Laura and Jesse Ramirez (211)
Young Couples (20-40ish): Brad Perkins (107)

Median Adults

Median Adults (40-55): Jones/Penley (185)
Median Adults (40-55): Brent Cooper (Annex Den)
Median Adults (55-65): Joe Jesko (103)
Median Adults (55-65): Drew Stasio (105)
Median Adults (55-65): Don Lockwood (164B)

Adults of All Ages

Green/Veal (Layne Hall)
Ladies of Faith Together (187)
Ladies Class (Bridal Room)
Bible Study in Espanol (Annex)
Bible Study in Zo (Music Hall)

Senior Adults

Senior Adult 1 (Coed): Jack Chambers (106A, E)
Senior Adult 1 (Ladies): Bobbye Howell (108D)
Senior Adult 2 (Coed): Benji Rodes and Bob Wehr (182)