Preparing for Worship

Preparing for Worship

Preparing for Worship | July 14th, 2024

Worship Gathering at 9:30am

As you prepare your heart to gather for worship, look over the plan for this Sunday. Read the Scripture text, familiarize yourself with any songs you may not know, and pray that God would move in your heart, and in our congregation as a whole.

Worship Gathering Plan (English)

This is Amazing Grace (video)
Call to Worship & Communion: Jack Chambers
Communion: Ryan Gilbert
The Solid Rock (video)
Firm Foundation- He Won’t (video)
Memory Verse & Offering Spotlight: Joel Edgemon
Family Dedication: Josh and Abby Drake, Everlee
Message and Q&A: 1st Samuel 12
Call to Response
I’ll Fly Away (video)
Small Groups