What are Ways your Kids are Growing in Lamar Kids Ministry?

What are Ways your Kids are Growing in Lamar Kids Ministry?

A relationship with God is an ACTIVE one. Just like any friendship, it requires work! Kids are just now learning the importance of prioritizing their faith and the discipline it requires, but we understand it isn’t always their favorite thing on their to-do list.

A child’s faith should NEVER be built on their works, but we understand practice and persistence is key to a thriving spiritual life.

Our goal is to come alongside you, parents, and create fun activities centered in God’s Word your child will be motivated to complete! Listed below are the ongoing activities we have available for your children in Lamar Kids.

Try one out and see what you think!

Scripture Illustration Challenge (1st-5th Grade)

Does your child enjoy drawing or coloring? This is a great way to engage them with their area of interest!

To enter into our Scripture Illustration Contest:

  1. Pick any Bible verse!
  2. Draw a picture based on that Bible verse!
  3. Turn in your masterpiece WITH YOUR NAME AND THE VERSE anytime to Ms. Emily or a Sunday School leader!

We pick a winner every first Sunday of the month! Winners receive a certificate, their picture framed, and a special art prize! Additionally, a copy of their picture will be framed outside the Children’s Church room for a whole month.

Monthly Challenges (1st-5th Grade)

“Bible literacy creates Bible intimacy.”

lbc kids core value #2

Our Monthly Challenge is our most popular Children’s Church activity! Kids receive a new Monthly Challenge the first Sunday of every month and must be turned in the first Sunday of the following month in Children’s Church.

To successfully complete a Monthly Challenge:

  1. Write every Bible verse listed on the Monthly Challenge on a piece of paper/in a notebook.
    • For instance, on August 1st, I would write Philippians 1:6 down, then I would be done for the day. (But if you get behind, it is okay to do more than one!)
  2. Once you have finished the entire month’s set of verses, a parent/guardian MUST sign off that their child has completed the challenge!
  3. Turn in your Monthly Challenge WITH a parent signature and the written Bible verses by the due date!

Prizes include: pool parties, Alley Cats, roller skating, movie field trips, gift cards, squish mallows, and more!

Leadership Team (5th Graders Only, Time Varies)

Our 5th grade leadership program focuses on the third core value in Lamar Kids Ministry, which states:

It doesn’t matter how much you know. It matters how much you live.

LBC Kids Core value #3

Our 5th graders – the top dogs of Lamar Kids Ministry – are challenged to take the servant heart of Philippians 2:3-4 and apply it to their own lives through a host of opportunities we provide throughout the year.

From service projects and planning Children’s Church lessons to advanced, leader-focused Bible studies, our preteens are prepared to find their role in the church body and to continue discovering the skills God has gifted them for His Kingdom.

Bible Buddies (KIDBOP – Kindergarten)

Every year, our preschoolers and kindergarteners get a few key ticket items:

  1. A Brand new Preschool Bible
  2. A Bible Buddy who needs to be fed daily – the diet of God’s Word!

Our Bible Buddy Program is our way to encourage preschoolers to read their Bible with their families and to provide a friend who can make reading a little less scary. After all, it is a lot more fun if your new stuffy best friend likes to hear you read God’s Word in your brand new Bible!

These Bible buddies are our preschoolers’ forever friend to keep – and is one of our family’s favorite events of the year!

Weekly Reading Bookmarks (KIDBOP – Kindergarten)

To complement our Bible Buddy Program, our KIDBOPPERS are given a Weekly Bible Reading Challenge on Sundays to be completed and turned in the following Sunday.

These bookmarks have a few pages for families to read together each night in the Preschool Bibles we provide (along with their Bible Buddy, of course). If they complete their bookmark, they will get in the goodie box!

Weekly Challenge (1st-5th Grade)

Details coming soon

Sticker Prize Chart (1st-5th Grade)

Details coming soon