Stories are powerful. Especially stories of the gospel! Meet some people from Lamar below, and hear their stories!

The Membership Process

Lamar 101

This is the perfect class for those wishing to know more about what Lamar is all about. Taught by our pastors, we share our beliefs, our goals for the future, and what it means to be a member of the church. Email [email protected] to sign up for the next Lamar 101 class!

Membership Interview

This sounds more intimidating than it is! This is a time where you get to meet with a pastor personally, and share a bit about your story. This is also to make sure that we get to know you!

Family Meeting

We as a church want to affirm and pray over you as you covenant with us. This happens at a Family Meeting called for this specific purpose! Our family meetings are a regular time when covenant members come together to pray and discuss the future of the church!

Get in Touch

Text any prayer requests to this number, and we will immediately pray for you! You can also fill out this form.

(402) 864-0805